Term 2 Interim Review

10th March 2017

self evaluation term 2

What I did for my last act as a painter… was to photograph the weave of the canvas and enlarge it and enlarge it until it became like a landscape. It wasn’t a conscious thing… Most wonderful things are unconscious’. Agnes Denes

Moving forward into Term 3, I am looking to re-direct my practice towards process, and focus specifically on materiality. This term I have been conscious of the fact that I needed to pin my practice on a workable concept, however since discussing my work with my tutors, I have been encouraged to make the work purely about process. My interest currently lies in stone lithography. I intend to utilise the stone as a non-referential tool, and as the centric void of my work.

Floating Signifier; a term used in semiotics and discourses analysis to denote signifiers without referents, such as a word that doesn’t point to any actual object and with no universal agreed upon meaning.

Without the work becoming conceited, it is important that I explore my relationship to my work, in particular my source imagery and research materials. I intend to physically become more involved with my art as I look to bury and erode my work in an attempt to document cyclicality and time.

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