RSA New Contemporaries 2017, The Royal Scottish Academy.

15th March 2017

The New Contemporaries show in Edinburgh is an exhibition that I aspire to be involved in once I graduate in 2 years time. This year I was particularly excited by the work, especially Kieran Milne‘s ‘Jamais Vu’. website-3-of-5.jpgwebsite-5-of-5.jpgJamais Vu’ (never seen): is the phenomenon of experiencing a situation that one recognises in some fashion, but that, nonetheless, seems very familiar.

Kieran Milne isolates the everyday mundanity of a fence, and takes the found object completely out of context. This results in the audience questioning this once familiar signifier in its new and separate location. The large green print encourages us to look again and re-consider this object.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 15.39.23

Rebecca Grant, Degree Show Installation View (2016), framed graph paper and ink^

The work displayed art not interpretations, they are not predictions, they are fact. The fact is the number. The number of days each individual lived are all there ever were, no more, and no less. Each has been painstakingly hand typed, checked, and then double checked. You will have to take this as truth’. 

Rebecca Grant strips art of emotion and expression and makes it purely about numbers and documentation. She encourages us to take her word and believe in her painstaking process despite minimal evidence.

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