2nd Year Painting and Printmaking Exhibition

21st- 27th April 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 16.39.58.png

My work, entitled ‘Troon’ sat as an archive in a trough table in the centre of the McLellan galleries. The presentation was rich and enhanced the empirical and self-defining nature of my work. Prior to my awareness of the potential of the table, I planned for my work to be hung on the wall as an amalgamation of recent research and evidence. Fortunately the table was available and entirely appropriate.

‘Troon’ consisted of a lithography stone, two lithography stone prints, four 35mm photographs, 2 handmade artist books, one large photo-litho print and an iPad with a film (shown above) on loop.

The limestone stands as an empty signifier, yet also as a creative tool in a liminal and archival setting. Each element of the work is suggestive of physical process, and is self-defining. Cyclicality is apparent in the repetitious nature of the prints, although those who are unaware of the lithography process may not recognise the formation. There are direct references to erosion as the stone is documented on the beach and often submerged in water. I have encouraged the grinding process, however the stone ultimately erases its own history once I have captured its relevant state. Therefore despite the physicality of the stone, the prints are transient and ever changing. The table in which it is composed reinforces it empirical and pragmatic visual, whilst stripping the art of personal emotion. Ultimately the work is a self-effacing record of transitional time.

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