Programme of Study

I rarely feel the need to perform the act of painting; instead I instinctively take abstract measures of time and place. I question my active intention to record transitional and insignificant traces.

Recently I have come to discover the parallels between mathematics and art, both subjects require open-mindedness and a determination to achieve definitive clarity. Mathematics and Art alike strive to exist in between the intangible concepts of beauty and truth; this paradigm is one that many creatives aim to achieve. I consider myself to be writing art, much like a mathematician would write maths. My work continues as a long process of ‘workings out’, however, I have little awareness of the eventual answer. I will therefore continue to write/ make art until I feel as though my current practice has come to a natural enlightenment or ending. In the meantime I will continue to write this abstract dialogue between myself and the work,  creating an unassuming record of transitional time.

Why is there such an intriguing effectiveness of mathematics in constructing out experiences of the world? 

Although I am sure it is apparent subconsciously, I am currently unaware of my identification in the artwork I am producing.  It is without intention that my art is presently detached from personal emotion. I have only recently come to the conclusion that mathematics is a personal expression and seems to operate in the human soul. I would like to access the core of my instincts and my creative grounding and set it in its relevant context.

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