A fall out of information


A fall out of information occurred during the process of 3-Dimensionally scanning one of my plaster reproductions of the lithography limestone. The scan failed to detect and measure each side of the stone in its entirety and as a result created what appears as an organic form in the process of decomposition.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 16.23.25.png

I imported the inaccurate model into a programme called ‘blender’ and decimated it. This further obscures the objecthood of the art object and re-forms the shape and appearance of the stone. A loss of information takes place once again. This process also translated the 3-Dimensional object to a 2-Dimensional diagram on a computer programme, and then into a flat photo-lithography print on acetate and paper.

At this point I re-imported the images into a programme called TextEdit, which pasted them into an extensive and incoherent code.

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