Mycelium, In conversation


Mycelium exists as a network/neurological internet of nature with an ability to transmit and retain information across meshwork of other organisms. Myself and Rebecca are participating in an ongoing conversation around the mycelium and the experiment we are conducting. This conversation stimulates interaction with the material and a resultant poetic analysis.

IMG_6489Ongoing collaborative body of work with Rebecca Gill (, 2018.
Mycelium grown from books, sawdust and potato peelings, binary code of bodies of conversation between myself and Rebecca translated from binary to DNA to supercode and grown into the mycelium fruiting bodies (mushrooms).
This work pays tribute to and builds on the framework devised by Joe Davis and his work with supercode in ‘Microvenus’ amongst other things, the formula and research for which can be found here.
I take no credit for the research pertaining to supercode translation, only it’s application to the material mycelium, it’s presentation in the work and the content of the conversation used as a base.

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